The New Graco InvisiPac HM10 Glue System

The New Graco InvisiPac HM10 Glue System


Graco InvisPac HM10 Hot Melt Glue Application System 

The most reliable and most profitable hot melt system for low volume and low flow applications!

Improved Productivity. Tank-Free™ technology improves hot melt efficiency

10-minute startupGraco HM10 Top View

  • Increases production time
  •  Reduces energy
  •  Less waste

First in, first out (FIFO) melter

  • Keeps adhesive at right temperature and viscosity
  • Prevents thermal shock and char

Melt on-demand and...

  • Conserve adhesive
  • End unplanned downtime from charring,nozzle plugging, and hose issues

Adhesive Savings 

Automatic feed supplies only the amount of adhesive pellets needed.Graco HM10 Hopper Rear View

  • Venturi Feed Tube System delivers pellets to the melter
  • Operators use air control to adjust pellet speed
  • Separate air flow control to maximize feeding efficiency
  • Remote feed also available

Consistent temperature and viscosity leads to…

  • No more charring
  • Dispense remaining constant
  • No more clogged nozzles and hoses
  • Less defected material

Sized for system optimization

On-board hopper

  •  Ability to hold 9 kg (20 lbs) of hot melt pelletsGraco HM10
  •  Funnel shaped for consistent pellet flow
  •  Clear lid for easy filling and monitoring
  •  Precise control of feed with the pellet shaker
  • Operator accessed components not heated

Efficiency for your volume needs

  • Maximum 4,5 kg (10 lb) per hour flow rate
  • Same compact footprint as InvisiPac HM25c - On-board hopper for more space savings
  •  Easy installation and changeover from other units

Intuitive User Interface & Feedback

Intuitive User Interface & Feedback

Touchscreen allows for process control and operation, making it easy to manage:

  • Actual and target adhesive temperature
  •  Hot melt system setup
  •  Material usage tracking
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