igluetech Servicing, Support and Maintenance

igluetech supply service and maintenance for UES® Robatech® Nordson® and Graco® Hotmelt Glue application systems along with Zator® Robatech® hhs® W H Leary® cold Glue Systems.

If your Glue application systems require their annual service, or they are causing production stoppages due to breakdowns and you require an engineers visit to asses and repair the system, we can get 1 of 3 dedicated igluetech engineers out to your site usually within 24 hours and get your production back up and running.

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 igluetech engineer servicing Nordson

The igluetech Service Nordson before and after igluetech service

During the service, our specially trained igluetech service engineers carry out the following to ensure your system is flushed and cleaned ready for another 12 months of production….

  • · Flush out all old glue in the tank, hoses and heads
  • · Tank to be cleaned to remove all old charred glue
  • · Hose and glue heads cleaned and checked 
  • · All filters to be changed in the tank and heads, with new o rings
  • · Check module seals and change o rings where necessary
  • ·  Check all temperature settings
  • · Inspect nozzles/ change if necessary
  • · Purge new glue throughout the system and check heads are purging correctly
  • · Repairs/ replacement parts to be fitted on the system where necessary
  • · System Surfaces cleaned
  • · Complete system tested and checked in production run

In House Repairs 

If it's easier for you to send your faulty glue tanks, hoses, heads or whatever you need repairing back to our site, please just send it to our address with a note of the errors occurring, and we will send you a quote for the repair cost and wait for your approval before repairing and returning the equipment back to you ready to be put straight back into production.


Service Contracts and preventative maintenance schedules.

Regular servicing of your glue systems has major benefits in keeping your whole glue system up and running with less downtime throughout the year while also meaning your glue application is a consistently clean one. 

We offer yearly service contracts where we will service your glue systems every 6 months / 1 year depending on your needs to keep your system in its best condition and your glue application continuously glueing.


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