Graco invisiPac Tank Free Hot Melt Glue Delivery System

igluetech the UK & Ireland supplier for the Graco invisiPac Tank Free Hotmelt Delivery System. Specially designed for the Packaging & Processing sector, the Graco invisiPac offers market leading Tank Free Technology with true melt on demand principle which not only eliminates adhesive char, it also outperforms all existing tank and tankless systems on the market. With a true melt-on-demand design, the InvisiPac system delivers guaranteed savings and optimises production. It makes your case and carton sealing operations more reliable, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

The Reliable, Most Profitable Hot Melt System

 Graco Invisipac glue system

1. Make more

Eliminate Downtime

  • No char, no nozzle blockages
  •  No more time-consuming, tank scraping and cleaning maintenance

Parts Last Longer

  • Less plastic and built to last
  • 10+ years pump lifetime
  • 500 million+ gun cycles

Improved Operator Safety

  • invisiPac Design eliminates burn hazard risks and keeps employees safe

2. Save more

Guaranteed Savings

  • Big Adhesive usage savings  
  • Reduce maintenance and spare parts

Better Sealing of your Packaging

  • Reduces costly pop-opens by maintaining glue quality - not cooking away and producing char

Use up to 30% Less Energy

Heats up in 10 minutes and has an auto shut off after 1 hour idle time.

3. Know more about how much glue you use

Know your Glue Usage

  • Graco InvisiPac measures the right amount of glue, controls a consistent bead and tracks your usage grams per case. So you can put the exact amount of glue, exactly where you need it.

Real Time Feedback

  • Gives you out-of-range material usage alerts and receives performance notifications on your lines anywhere and at any time, so you save on additional costs
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