Eukalin Glues Supplied by igluetech

Eukalin provide a wide range of Special Adhesives for both hot melt and cold glue applications. Manufactured from their site in Germany.
igluetech have been representing and supplying Eukalin adhesives products to the UK market for over 30 years.
Eukalin and igluetech supply adhesives for the following applications:-
EnvelopesPrint & Print finishingPackagingFlexible packagingLabelling
Self-adhesive labelsTapesPaper sacksSpecial applications

Cold Glue Adhesives 

Cold sealing compounds are often used for the production of flexible packaging in the food sector, but are also used in a variety of other products. Applied in the printing process or via roller systems, dried for example via high-frequency dryers (HF), a coating adhesive to itself via pressure is formed. If required, sealing seam strengths or special release properties can be specifically adapted and optimized to your requirements. With our water-based adhesives, perhaps the most environmentally friendly adhesive bonds can be created. The setting is simply done by evaporating and knocking the water away into the material to be bonded. Neither solvents nor chemical crosslinkers nor toxic plasticizers such as phthalates are necessary and the processing is energy-saving without heating, cooling or suction devices. In addition to the classic dispersion adhesives, variants based on renewable raw materials such as casein or starch are also available.

Hot Melt Adhesives 

Hot melt adhesives (hot melts) are binders that are applied as melt and solidify by cooling or crystallization. These thermoplastics, which consist of 100% solids, bind purely physically and have a high resistance to water and moisture. In addition to the melting properties, special attention is paid to the wetting properties of the melt as well as the curing properties of the amorphous or semi-crystalline formulations.

Hot melt adhesives from EUKALIN consist of 100% solids, are free of solvents and offer you outstanding processing properties. Adapted to your machine speeds and depending on the respective application, we adapt parameters such as the open or setting time especially for you.

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