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Brunel Engineering Services Ltd is our sister company, which is our manufacturing arm.

At Brunel we provide a wide range of packaging and print finishing equipment solutions, along with bespoke engineering equipment also.

Located in Melksham at the same site as igluetech, Brunel manufacturer Tray Erectors, End Skillet Packaging Machines, Vacuum and Transportation Conveyors to complete bespoke production lines to suite your process and products.

Brunel Engineering Solutions is also the UK & Ireland supplier for MFT Automation Friction Feeders.

For more information on what we can help you with at Brunel, visit our website



igluetech and Brunel Combine

When Brunel Engineering Services supply equipment, 9 times out of 10 an application glue system is required to make that equipment function. That's where igluetech come in. igluetech are specialist in glue application systems. From forming and sealing trays, applying glued sheets onto fabrics, to coating insect trap sheets, we have applied it. 

igluetech and Brunel Combine

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