Glue Pattern Control

Product Description

Zator Glue Pattern Controllers have been designed and manufactured to be used on different types of high speed machines.

Glue guns can be driven to work in lines or dots mode, a programmable function allows switching automatically from dot to line at programmed speed.

These controllers can be used with an encoder, in the case of variable speed machines, or in time based mode, without encoder, in the case of constant speed machines.

Available in models with 2, 4, or 8 independant channels, with 2, 4,or 8 photocell inputs respectively. With Nozzle Shutter Control, Proportional Valve control, Glue Level output. And 99 or 50 program memories (model dependant).

The easy programming combined with a touch screen with selectable text in different languages, where messages are displayed on the various menus, thus simplify the learning of the basic functions of the tools.

Glue Pattern Control

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