UES Glue Applicators

Product Description

UES Hot Melt Applicators

UES offers a wide spectrum of suitable solutions for the application of adhesive. Whether contact-free dot, or bead (single or multi), spray application, slot nozzle heads, siftproof, and High volume deposit. Also High speed and energy efficient variants

The anti-adhesion coated, single or multiple module application heads from hard aluminium are robust and long-lasting.

Quickswitching air/air modules, variable gauge for bore holes, mini or individual design, solve the most diverse tasks.

The “Quick-Out” electrical quick change system reduces repair and idle periods, as well as the costs of replacement parts.

The H301 version has the following key features;

  • Single module application gun
  • Integrated heater and sensor
  • Air opening / spring closing
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Multiple module versions available H30x with various module center spacing and single or multi-channel air control

The EcoShot version has the key following features:

Energy savings of approx. 50%

Protection against contact: surface temperature reduced by more than 50%

Size: 40% smaller than comparable heads

Protection class IP 54

Simple module change

Air opening / air closing Velocity: activation starting at 3 ms Up to 7500 cycles per minute (depending from type of glue and solenoid valves) 5/2-ways solenoid valve included

With UES mini module

Improved glue hairline tear-off is available with H3000 NA Needle Seat module

The H3000 Rapid has the following key features;

The fastest valve technology. Exact and accurately repeated application from 3 ms

Suitable for dot or bead applications

Air opening / air closing

With integrated needle seat nozzle or with screw-on nozzle

Gun holder for rapid assembly

Smallest dimensions

Protection class IP 54

Incl. solenoid valve

Special head and module variations enable the processing of even difficult special adhesives such as PUR.

Everything can be supplied connection-compatible to the commonplace glue systems on the market.

The photos show the H301 single Module, H302 double Module, the EcoShot and Rapid variants

Many more variants than those shown are readily available to complete your production needs

UES Glue Applicators

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