new glue application systems supplied by igluetech

igluetech supply a wide range of new glue application systems for what ever your industry or application. From packaging, print finishing, woodworking, textiles, coating to automotive, igluetech supply high quality solutions.


UES Glue Application Systems

UES Glue Application Systems

igluetech/UES has developed into one of the largest suppliers of adhesive technology equipment for a wide variety of industries and areas of application. As a complete supplier in hotmelt systems, igluetech/UES can map the entire adhesive process in one production chain - from the tank system to the glue filter. The constant further development of our products and the permanent striving for innovation have led to a continuous improvement of our quality standards. For our customers this means: state-of-the-art systems, tailor-made, with short downtimes and high efficiency.

igluetech/UES application glue tanks range

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Graco InvisiPac Tank Free Hotmelt Delivery System 

igluetech & Brunel Engineering Services are the UK & Ireland supplier for the Graco invisiPac Tank Free Hotmelt Delivery System. Specially designed for the Packaging & Processing sector, the Graco invisiPac offers market leading Tank Free Technology with true melt on demand principle which not only eliminates adhesive char, it also outperforms all existing tank and tankless systems on the market. With a true melt-on-demand design, the InvisiPac system delivers guaranteed savings and optimizes production. It makes your case and carton sealing operations more reliable, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

igluetech supplying Graco invisipac


Zator Cold Glue Application Equipment 

Zator ranks amongst the industry leaders in the field of equipment for applying cold glue adhesives, and fluids in the paper converting, Automotive, wood/furniture, tobacco and food industries. All system components are designed, developed and produced in-house at Zator Italy and distributed in the UK & Ireland by igluetech.

iglutech supplying Zator Cold Glue Equipment

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